CodeMobile 2020 – Cancelled

It is with great regret that today we are announcing the CodeMobile 2020 has been cancelled.

This decision has been extremely hard to make, it is therefore only fair that our community of supporters and attendees understand the reasons why.

CodeMobile started in 2017 – a small community conference organised by a group of developers in Chester. The aim of the conference was and always will be to give back to the community and was never designed to be anything other than a community conference.

In April 2019 Steve (The main organiser) got a new job in Nottingham and relocated away from Chester. This left us with a dilemma; to keep the conference in Chester would be a big organisational nightmare so it made sense to locate the event in another city.

We explored all of our options (Nottingham, Manchester, London) to see what we could do and took the decision to make a leap and move the event to the capital. The hope in doing this was that London was much easier to get to for everyone concerned (both those attendees in the UK and those travelling from abroad). It also had advantages because the Barbican already had all of the things that every conference needs (lighting, sound, facilities for live streaming). This meant we didn’t have to consider some of the organisational problems that came with holding the event at other venues.

We hoped that moving the event to London would help boost ticket sales and also enable us to connect with a greater range of sponsors – this has held true but its fair to say that although we have sold tickets we haven’t sold anywhere near as many as we had hoped we would have done by this point in time.

We have therefore been exploring since Christmas what our options are. Do we move the event back to later in the year? Potentially relocate it to Nottingham? Or even face into the logistical issues and stick with Chester? We contacted our speakers suggesting alternative dates and a different venue and explored what we might be able to do.

In the spirit of community we are very aware that there are other events in the UK taking place immediately after WWDC that we absolutely don’t want to do damage to. August is holiday time and as we move into September we come up against timing in relation to other conferences. Also we found that some of our speakers were unable to make the revised dates and we feared attendees would also have to drop out.

All things considered, we’ve decided that the best thing to do is to simply be honest and say that this year hasn’t worked out in the way we had hoped and out of respect for our sponsors and those attendees who had purchased tickets we’ve decided to cancel the event.

Everyone who had bought a ticket has been contacted and full refunds either have (or will be) issued. If you haven’t received an e-mail from us please drop a note to so we can arrange a refund.

So is this the end of CodeMobile?
We very much hope not – we have built an amazing community and its been a lot of fun over the last 3 years. Lets chalk 2020 up to experience and we’ll revisit the event in a few months time and see what options may present themselves for future years.

On behalf of everyone involved with the event thank you for your support and understanding.

The CodeMobile Team