Brandon Withrow


Talk: Building complex native animations on iOS with Lottie from Airbnb

Traditionally, creating beautiful eye-catching animations in iOS application required bulky assets or hundreds of lines of complex, fragile, and messy code. With Airbnb’s open source library Lottie, crafting animations has never been easier. 

Learn how you can use Lottie to add vector-based animation from After Effects into your app with minimal code! We will start with basic animations, and learn how to reduce code while also reducing bundle size. Next we will dive into the technology behind Lottie – After Effects and Core Animation. After you become an animation pro we will cover advanced UI interactions and restyling animations at runtime. This presentation is aimed at engineers and designers of all skill levels.

About Brandon

iOS Engineer by day, Animator by night, road tripper everywhere in between. Brandon is an iOS engineer on Lottie: