Dario Incalza

Dario is a senior IT security consultant at EY FSO Belgium, where he performs security assessments of mobile and web applications and their backends on architectural and implementation level. He coaches juniors in his team in pentesting of web and mobile applications. He graduated as a M. Sc. Computer Science specialized in Development of Secure Software at KU Leuven. When he is not talking or working on mobile and web security at EY, he enjoys bug bounty hunting and creating open source reverse engineering tools.
Dario tweets at @h4oxer, and his personal website can be found at www.darioincalza.be

Talk: Developing and securing mobile apps that enforce privacy by design

In this talk we will put the users of mobile applications in the center of everything we do. We will cover what it means to engineer a mobile application that has privacy build in by design. This talk will mix technical details with law and the ethics surrounding the privacy of mobile application users. The biggest focus will be on implementing secure methodologies and measures that can be used in applications to ensure privacy of user’s data as much as possible.