Gem Barrett

Gem is a digital rights technologist focusing on information security, internet freedom and anti-harassment tools. She is a ‘Making All Voices Count’ fellow with the Digital Rights Foundation, a Rapid Response Coordinator with ASL19 and an MSc Computing student. Gem also enjoys a good cup of tea and taking down zombies.

Talk: Security and privacy in iOS Development

Data breaches are regularly in the news nowadays, and security and privacy issues are more important than ever. Apple’s high-profile stance on this has helped them gain even more consumer trust in their products. As iOS Developers aiming to maintain that trust, we can’t afford to ignore the security implications of the decisions we make about our apps. But how do you make sure that your app does the best for its users, is as secure as possible and still works as you intended? This talk will go through the basics of threat modelling to identify vulnerabilities in your app, the security APIs provided by Apple, and overall best practices for the privacy of users.