Graham Lee

Graham helps software engineers to make high-quality software faster, by showing them new ways to work at the Labrary. He helps researchers at Oxford University to realise their research goals using computers. Graham has written numerous books on programming, most recently co-authoring The Python Workshop which was published by Packt in 2019.

Testing the untestable: patterns for adopting XCTest in existing projects

High unit test coverage is easiest to achieve if you’ve been designing for tests from the get go. For the rest of us, this looks like a distant pipe dream. We realise that we need to make changes to test our code, but the experts tell us that we need to run our tests to know that the changes were safe. But we don’t have tests yet!

This talk will provide recipes for low-risk changes to make testing existing code easier. Examples use the XCTest framework and are in the Swift programming language.