Julian Krol

Originally from Poland, now living in London. He is proudly part of changing banking for good at Capital One working on the main app. Started messing with iOS in 2012. Early adopter of Swift. Seen from time to time on StackOverflow. He enjoys well tested code, that follows best practices. Often going through corners of documentation making sure of best API usage.

When not coding he is travelling or training martial arts.

Talk: Auto layout (r)evolution.

At this point every respectable iOS app and developer uses auto layout but what is it? How did we get there? What have changed for us in a day to day work? What is the current state of the art? Which concepts are obsolete? Definitely a lot has changed – evolved. Let’s try to understand it. This talk is the Julian’s attempt to systemise what we know about auto layout and how we should use it. Putting it in the historic context is a way to better understand concepts and principles as well as possible approaches. Additionally, Julian shares his experience on solving common, and less common, pitfalls with some pro tips.