Lasse Koskela

Lasse Koskela is an experienced technology and a methodology consultant. He has consulted and trained some of the largest organisations in the Nordics and worldwide in their adoption of agile software development, including Nokia, F-Secure, Nordea and HBO. Alongside his work in methodology consulting, Lasse works hands-on with mobile technologies. During just the past two years he has shipped several iOS, Android and even Windows Phone apps for leading consumer brands. Lasse has also written two internationally published books through Manning Publications and has presented his thinking to thousands of fellow professionals in international conferences as well as closed gatherings from small businesses to large entities such as the European Commission.

Talk: Implementing Full-Text Search

“Search” is one of those things that our users take for granted but is surprisingly difficult to get right. In this talk we’ll dig into the essential concepts in implementing a proper full-text search on the device without server-side or cloud-based Search APIs, highlighting the challenges such as sorting by relevancy, term and column boosting, stemming and lemmatisation, and the brutality of compound words. Along the way we’ll look at implementing full-text search with an embedded search engine as well as with SQLite, and touch on integrating your data with Core Spotlight’s index on iOS.

Talk: Rules of Design for Developers

Some of us are spoiled with a team of rockstar programmers featuring world-class designers. Some of us are not so lucky and will have to make do with what we’ve got – a bunch of programmers pretending to be multitalented visual artists or UI designers. There is a lot of design literature available on topics such as interface design, typography, and graphic design but it’s largely ambiguous and somewhat difficult to get a grip of.

This talk aims to save those unlucky teams who are struggling with little to no access to professional designers by presenting the (tongue-in-cheek) Rules of Design for Developers! They are rules that make sense even to a simple programmer like myself – rules of thumb that most often lead to a pretty good outcome.