May Keable

Developing Good Mental Health

With common conditions including anxiety and depression[1], many adults will experience some form of mental health issues in their lifetime. A recent BBC News article[2] showed that nearly 1 in 3 sick notes issued by doctors are for mental health issues. With the Time To Change campaign estimating that 9 in 10 people with mental health issues will experience stigma or discrimination[3], it’s time we started talking more about this important subject.

As developers we face some unique stresses and strains at work, and while I am not a mental health professional, I have experienced my share of mental health issues. This talk will provide tips for dealing with stress and maintaining mental wellbeing, as well as advice and strategies for coping with some common mental health conditions. Additionally, we’ll cover how to discuss mental health conditions at work, and how to provide a supportive workplace for yourself and your colleagues.

About May

May got her break in the industry in 2011 as a jack of all trades, working in multiple programming languages on a wide variety of projects. She quickly discovered a deep love for mobile development and has been focussing her career in that direction ever since. Now working for Derivco as an iOS developer, she continues to develop Android in her spare time. She has twice been featured in Ars Technica being interviewed about early swift releases.