Mihai Cirlanaru

  • Mihai Cirlanaru

Empowering Mobile Applications with Speech Recognition

Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning in terms of understanding spoken language have triggered a proliferation of commercial applications and services that understand our voice.

The likes of Siri, Alexa, Google Now, and Cortana, are very impressive when it comes to understanding free form speech, but is it possible to take advantage of the powerful speech recognition behind such services in your mobile app?

This talk will explore the speech recognition process and what are the relevant APIs that can be used to empower mobile applications for improved accessibility and new ways of user interaction.

About Mihai

Mihai is a Software Development Lead at Hudl, a software company that builds performance analysis tools for sports at every level. He splits his time between building core features for Hudl’s sport platform, managing developers, and being actively involved in the React and JavaScript communities. His experience encompasses a wide range of fields, from robotics and natural language processing to front end web design and user experience.