Mylo Kaye

Mylo Kaye is the CEO and co-founder of award-wining design and development agency, Dreamr. Having spent over ten years in the digital world, Mylo has been at the forefront of technology; its innovations and downfalls.
His app development agency is currently exploring virtual reality, data and artificial intelligence that integrate with modern day apps.

Talk: The end of the app developer

Apple is making it easier and easier for anyone to become an app developer. Launching ‘Swift Playground’ this year for kids can be seen as them pulling the rug from beneath all the great app developers in the world. Now, even kids can code. Udemy can tech you Android development, you can learn in one week what app developers have spent years perfecting.

‘The end of the app developer’ explores where the app development world is heading, what we should be worried about as app developers and what we can do to stay relevant. Is this the end of the app developer as we know it?