Niamh Power

Niamh is a mobile developer, working across both platforms natively for the disrupter bank, Monzo. I love to use my experience on both sides of the divide to bring new perspectives and ideas, and help bring us closer together.

I spend my spare time running both GDG Liverpool and Swift Society, and have spoken at many local and international events. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with the community, and encouraging the younger generation into a career in tech!

Flutter & Firebase: a match made in heaven?

Over the last couple of years, the new cross platform framework, Flutter, has become ever increasingly popular. Flutter is Google’s own mobile SDK for building cross platform applications. A big advantage of this ownership by Google is the ability for other Google technologies to integrate seamlessly, most notably, Firebase.

In this talk I will explore the simplicity of using Firebase as your backend for your Flutter apps, and how quickly you can get a fully functioning cross platform app running in a flash.