Snow Zhao

Talk: Ubiquitous Annotations: Tricks and Customizing Annotation Processor

Why are annotations in Android becoming more and more common over the years and almost all great open source projects uses it as much as possible?

Well, not only do they simplify the source code and improve readability, but also help reduce potential bugs by detecting subtle code problems.

This session is a feast of annotation starting with basic logistics and some useful tips on how to utilize existing annotations to the fullest extend. And then we will go through the implementation on a customized annotation used in the Groupon production app. From now on you will be able to leave the plumbing to annotation and march forward with your hands free for more work!

About Snow

Snow fell in love with Android when G1 phone came onto the market and later joined the superstar team at Groupon Silicon Valley which presents a solid international e-commerce app ranked as one of the “Best Android Apps” for 5 consecutive years. She has earned multiple “Mobile Rock Star” nominations there, not only because of her high quality features that generate billions of dollars of revenue, but also her striving towards technical innovations. Moreover, she is always eager to share her knowledge by actively involved the Silicon Valley GDG, Women Who Code, Girls Who Code. She is also invited to Grace Hopper and DroidCon London, DroidCon Beijing to speak about Java, Android, and open sources, etc.