Vladimír Valouch

Vladmir Valouch is a seasoned software architect cracking(solving) the most exciting problems in the field of mobile computing (industry). At SAP Concur he works out of the amazing AppPort, where he supervises an architecture of new functionalities as well as continual top-level improvements of older codebases.

During his time at SAP Concur, Vladimir has contributed to numerous internal libraries used by teams across two continents and provided countless code reviews. He provides advice and guidance to an array of engineers ranging from juniors to seniors. He is passionate about Android, Kotlin, C++, TensorFlow, OpenCV and machine learning.

Vladimir also co-organizes Android Academy courses, Prague Mobile meetups and is an active member of the SAP Concur Toastmasters club. When he is not busy coding or presenting he is probably playing badminton or hiking with his wife and two kids.

Talk: Why and how to break large mobile app to smaller modules

There is always a way to a cleaner and better codebase and avoid sentences like ,”This new feature is very hard to add as we need to handle it here and there…” The referenced app used to contain classes with average size 4K+ lines, 300 unit+integration test, build time over 60minutes, very tightly coupled code and some git submodules. The presentation will take us through examples of how we can define new modules even in legacy systems, use the power of CI/CD to reduce the amount of routine work and increase stability. The second part describes the challenges of modularization, how we can mitigate them and make your project better.