Vojta Stavik

Let’s write a BASIC compiler

Do you remember BASIC? I love it. It was the first programming language I’ve learned. Recently, I’ve got this crazy idea. Let’s set a timer for 45 minutes, get an iPad, and write a compiler for BASIC in Swift. Do you think we can do that? No slides, 100% live coding.

I’ll use Swift Playgrounds on the iPad and live-code a simple BASIC programming language compiler under 45 minutes. I’m a mobile software engineer and I have no formal education in compilers. I want to show to other mobile engineers, that writing a basic (BASIC) compiler is a surprisingly easy and straightforward process.

About May

Vojta is currently a software developer at Ableton. We’re making SW&HW for musicians, sound designers, and artists from across the world. If I’m not writing code you can find me with a guitar in my hands trying to learn one of the David Gilmour’s solos. He’s the best. Really.